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Actually I'm now facing an issue with the mobile view of the footer. I would like the newsletter to come below my other columns but it looks like this-
I figured out the width problem but now need to align my newsletter to the rest of the blocks. It currently looks like this.Also would like the newsletter to come below the rest of the columns in mobile view, instead of being on the top right side.Ca...
Hello,I'm having a hard time trying to fix the footer for mobile view. I'm currently using the dawn theme. It seems the width of the column blocks is very narrow and so the link text is not coming in one line and my newsletter is coming below the sep...
Thank you so much it worked great! Could you also please tell me how to space the footer columns equally, there's currently a lot of space between them.
Waiting for your response
Hello, Here's my url and password: - owseop
Hi,I was trying to fix the spacing between my footer columns and now the first link of each menu is not clickable in the desktop version. I'm using the DAWN theme in shopify. Can someone plz help.Thank you.
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