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Hey, We're currently using VWO to test new product images. However, the original image appears for a split second. We're looking for a better solution - I've heard that Shopify Plus provides ...
Hi! I was wondering if old files has any effect on the website load time - old photos, old products, old themes... If i'll remove them - will the website pages load faster? Thanks!
Hi! i was wondering if it's possible to replace the current open 'city' feild with a combo box, to allow selecting the city out of a specific list of pre-written cities? Thanks!
Hi, I'm interested in modifying the cart design, with some simple CSS. I tried adding my code to any css file I could find in the admin, but none of it worked. Here's the cart: https://fashonet...
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i was wondering if there's any update with this issue - also looking to request a single shipping fee for multiple stock locations...
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