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yeah this is has been a big issue for companies, ours also. shopify (until soon) only allows up to 3 options, and 100 total variants. but they are upping it to 1000, and i think more options...hopefully.... i've heard its supposed to roll out in apri...
i am having this same issue. any help would be great.. exmample,  the image url should have ended after ST. but shopify added all these extra...
sure, our website is we switched to shopify payments and have that active now. Although for some reason apple pay is not working. when someone tries to checkout it says error after selecting the payment type in apple pay.
ok. so if i switch to shopify payments then the fee is a total of 2.9% (+.30 per trans) on most cards, mainly except amex.vs a total of 4% if using, correct?
Hi i have a different but similar question about using I just recently switched to the shopify platform. And i know its 2% transaction fee. But i just got my threshold bill from shopify and it includes a 2% transaction fe...
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