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Hi, this works well for the desktop but the mobile site gets distorted !
Hello experts, I have an issue with announcement bar, it looks like this, wrapped when entered a bigger sentence.  I want it to look like this in a single line:  URL: irsyaofficial.com Can someone help ? Thanks ! 
Hi, Thanks. I added the code in base.css, It still looks the same.  I want it to look like: 
Hi, I am on Dawn 13.0.1 and want to change the announcement bar slider width. I understand it is a Grid column divided in 3 parts. I want to increase the centre so that text comes in 1 line for the desktop. Current:  Need the announcement bar to look...
This issue was due to custom code in global.js file. Reverted the code to fix the problem.
The issue was due to a custom code for collapsible content in Global.js file. Removed it and this got fixed.
Hi, Can you help me identify the which .js file is being used ? I am on Dawn Theme Store URL: irsyaofficial.compassword: intuskit is focusing on the "open" in below code in the website when clicking on cross button. It should toggle to close.  
Yes, do you know any way to fix this  by adding a line of script to the file ?
Hello, No, I did not add any additional app or js. I have added a few styles  to theme.liquid and earlier had added a script in header.liquid file to open the dropdown menu on hover but removed that because it was behaving the same way.
Hi All, I am unable to close the header menu in the mobile site or minimized browser setting. Clicking on X would do nothing. Thanks in advance. URL: irsyaofficial.com 
Hi All, I am on Dawn 12.0 and have implemented some custom script in header.liquid file for the dropdown to open on the hover. The dropdown on Menu "All products" works completely fine on the desktop mode when the browser is fullscreen but as soon as...
Hi, I want to make my page description full width or at least reduce the margins to 50px from left and right of the text. Also, want to reduce the margin between the title and description to 20px. Any help would be appreciated ! URL: https://irsyaoff...
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