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Hello, I made this picture with textbut the picture is not perfectly like the picture on the left. And I want to set the "LEES MEER" button under the picture just for desktop. It looks fine on phone already. My URL is: TrendBlend, Thanks in advance
Hello I got this sales timer on my product page but I want to get rid of it on the product page and put it in the announcement bar. It currently looks like this: but I want to get it like this:foto is not that sharp but I want it like this announceme...
Hello @Kaushiki are you a shopify partner because it is not on your account are you maybe able to send me the code on here? Kind regards,stef
Hello @Kaushiki how should I do that. Im not good at coding sorry. thanks in advance
Hello,I want my collections to show like this:It currently shows like this but how can I make it like in one row with the clicking to right and left button? Thanks in advance! It currently shows like: regards,...
Hello @Xipirons, I want the collections to be scrollable next to each other like this if possible on phone and desktopit currently shows like this: Collecties – TrendBlend 
And one more question do you maybe know how to do it like this, so the pictures around not being placed on top of each other?
Hi @Xipirons that works, thank you! Do you also know how I can get the light brown border line around the picture?Kind regards,Stef
Hello @deepaksharma are you still active if so please private message me and allow me to text back. Kind regards,Stef
Hello my page collection page currently looks like this but I want to make it more like in this order on phone and on desktop. I just want them to show next to each other inline like on the picture below. Does anyone know how to do that? My current c...
Hello I want the text to be more to the center of the picture instead of at the bottom of the picture. can anyone help me with this? Thanks inn advance URL: TrendBlend 
Hello on this page on me website: Producten – TrendBlend the sale badge is showing twice %SALE on top and "Aanbieding" below it but I want to get rid of the "Aanbieding", can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance
Yessir that worked and do you maybe whats up with the collection page? (Get rid of the bottom ‘Aanbieding’ tag)link
hello @Moeed yesss it worked, but im facing two more problems now.this is on the collection page. The ‘Aanbieding’ sticker under each product should go away.and this is on the product page , i dont know why but the button is very big and not next to ...
Hello everyone I want to do this Show % percentage in sale badge - Shopify Community, so show how much discount the product has instead of the standard 'Sale' badge, but im facing a problem. I removed the visibility of the sales badge long ago when I...
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