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when im trying to save the main-product.liquid file its keeps showing this error, im trying to add presale logic to the template'endfor' is not a valid delimiter for form tags.
I want to display all the offer in shopify store on my product page which applicable to it without an appi have written the following code but its doesnt work  {%- assign original_price = product.price -%} {%- if original_price > 0 -%} {% assign a...
I'm trying to acheive    this kind of look, but im not sure where to add the following code {% render 'sticky-atc-custom', block: block, product: product, product_form_id: product_form_id, section_id: %} in the main-product.liquid can some...
I would like to understand how to changes google fonts to shopify fonts as its showing error and also slowing my website down further if someone help me figure out if we are even using any google fonts in the website actually or not , can i find any ...
Hey, I tried this, it only working when i scroll down abit ( when the header has a bg basically )
I have tried using many codes in base.css and theme.css including.header__menu-item__ link[href="/collections/final-sale"] {color: red;}but nothing seems to work, can someone help ?url of
Hello How to add metafield option to content when its doesn't have any i would like to connect my product.additional-information metafield to be connected to additional information in the product templated so it populates information according to pro...
hi, the icons such as wish-list, add to cart which are shown on the product image in product grid layout aren't showing aligned, including the image. please help.
Thank you, that seems to have resolved the issue.Can you help with next part as well- how to connect dynamic meta-field to additional informational tab
hi, Collapsible Rows in product page aren't opening at all. it was working till yesterday, but suddenly it stoppedurl: how to add dynamic tag to content, as it doesn't allow me to do that
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