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You should NOT be seeing the error “VARIANTS_OVER_LIMIT” if you have set up the development store with the "Extended Variants" Developer preview. Can you make sure you are setting up a development store using the following steps: Go to partners.shopi...
You can query variantsCount on a product like this: query variantsCount {   product(id: "gid://shopify/Product/1"){     id     variants(first: 10) {       nodes {         id         title       }     }     variantsCount(query: "title:Nylon*") {      ...
Hey @Marpe  You should not need a polling mechanism. The current state is probably an issue on our side with what you mentioned (synchronous=false parameter being used).  We will fix this.
Hey @HarryAtGadget  Thanks for bringing this up for discussion. We are actively discussing solutions we can offer here. Adding an `updated_at` field alongside the variant ids is also under consideration.
Can you send me the dev store link
Hello @jam_chan  productOptions is only available in productCreate.  If you want to clear the options and associated variants, please use productOptionsDelete mutation with the appropriate strategy for your workflow:
Hey @ronald_g  Below is a recommended approach.  Let me know if this presents any challenges.  Use fileCreate mutation to create files/media and get mediaIDsUse productSet to create the product and variants and associate them with the mediaIDs create...
@ronald_g  For 3 & 4, you can use the bulk_operations/finish webhook after running productSet in the bulkOperationRunMutation    For 1 and 2, you are right about this limitation. Let me get back to you on a possible solution
Yes. Bulk Operations does support the new productSet mutation. Did this not work for you?
Hello @nishantsharm485  There can only be one media associated with a variant today.
Hey @ronald_g  You can use productSet with the bulkOperationRunMutation.   You can then subscribe to the bulk_operations/finish webhook to get a status on the operation. Did this not work for you?
Hello @ronald_g  Could you use the productSet mutation with the `variants` and `options` fields? Will that provide a reasonable alternative/migration path from productCreate?
Hello @gonzi76  We are actively considering how to update these throttle limits/policy. We completely understand that the current policy will not be sufficient with the increased variant limit. Please stay tuned for updates on this.
Hello @SPEAZ  I am not sure about the details of the query you are referring to which takes 5s on REST and 30s on GraphQL.   How many variants does each product have?  Also when did you last try this query with GraphQL?   We recently made significant...
If a merchant has a custom app installed which is still calling the deprecated APIs, we will take that as a signal that the app is built using deprecated APIs.     
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