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We haven't decided on that yet.  I'm open to suggestions.  What did you have in mind?
This solution isn't quite right.  We're going to send marketing emails and SMS to people we're trying to attract as donors for our non-profit.  There will be a URL that takes them to a landing page where they can make a donation and then based on the...
I also want to automate this so I'm not having to send people the discount code manually.
I want to build a new Shopify site that collects donations for my non-profit and gives people a unique discount code for a free merch item available on the site.  Is there an app that does that?  I understand how to create discount codes but this wil...
Thank you!!! That worked like a charm.  Well done!
Hello, My website is I have created a table that hides columns on mobile screen resolutions on this page.  I have a scrolling text section instructs users to rotate their phone to view the full pricing grid b...
This is a great solution and super easy!  Thank you so much!
Hi,  Thank you for the suggestions!!!  How do you assign a product it's own shipping profile? I've never seen that option.  The donors are new and won't have customer accounts. Kind regards,Jon 
Hi Members, I manage a Shopify store for a client.  They want a product on our store that is hidden on the site but can still be purchased.  More specifically they want to give a discount code so donors can get this shirt for free and have it ship fo...
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