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I need a little change in URL structure of Product Tags. I am using Kalles Theme. Currently, my product tags links with collection in which the product is placed. I want it little changed. I want my product tags work with collections/all for more acc...
I have followed all the steps. I am getting an awkward code on front end "{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"I am testing this rich text field","bold":true}]},{"listType":"unordered","type":"list","chil...
I am using Publisher theme currently and setting up Kalles theme for more advance functionality. I want to add rich text under the proudct grid for the SEO by using Metafield. Can anyone give me the solution for this?
i am currently using publisher theme and working on Kalles theme as a backup for more imporved version of my website. I want to display "Only X qty left" in red color on collection page and product page under price in product card. I don't want to sh...
This csv import is forcing me to select the title while I don't want the title to be selected. I just want the prices to be updated on the basis of SKU. Is there any solution? I receive different price lists and the name could be changed. I want my n...
How can i change the prices through csv by keeping other things unchanged? Like if i import the csv, and select only title and price, does other properties of the products remains unchanged? 
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