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Hi, Using  `OrderAgreement` object in GraphQL for order edits was helpful for me, you can check it out as well.
Thank you for your reply. I've been using the GraphQL API, but I require this specific information, which seems to be available only through the REST API. However, the documentation for the REST API is also unclear. Concerning the "location_id" field...
How can I retrieve the pos_location_name field that is available in Shopify Analytics reports using the Shopify GraphQL API? 
I want to attribute sales to retail stores and web purchases. How can I find the original sales location of the order? Fulfillment would provide me with the location from which the order was fulfilled, but I am concerned with the initial store from w...
Does the 'orderProcessedAt' field in the FulfillmentOrder object reflect the dates of order edits, or does it solely indicate the processed date of the order before any edits were made?
I want to understand how Shopify calculates gross sales in its analytics reports, especially when orders are edited. I'm trying to replicate this using the Shopify REST API, but there are discrepancies, and I can't match the numbers from the analytic...
I want to understand how duties are calculated on analytics reports. On a specific day, I noticed that the total duties amount is -8.19. When I reviewed the orders with duties for that day, there were two orders. The original_total_duties_set field a...
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