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Hi Terence,Yes, unfortunately, I do everything myself, and my budget is very small, but that doesn't make me give up, I'll try hard to succeed, I'm a Balkan guy, 15 hours of work every day, sometimes even more, and my last vacation was 5 years ago, n...
Thank you very much for all your opinions and advice. It is clear that I am a beginner, because many of the terms you used, I have never heard them. It's time to work hard again, learn and improve, for sure.Thank you again!!! 
Thank you very much for the advice, I will take everything into account and improve, I promise. 
Thank you very much for your advice, I will take them into account and make changes.Of course, I'm still waiting for opinions, I know there are mistakes somewhere and I'm trying to find them with your help.Any advice and opinion is welcome. 
As the title says, I created an online jewelry site last year in July 2023. At first I had problems with ads, because I couldn't get a CTR higher than 0.50%. Now after some time, I learned and managed to reach a CTR (record for me) of 6.20%.( 0.50%CT...
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