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@jesusg @Nehall You can also use https://jsoneditoronline.org/ which also gives you helpful JSON errors on the fly and offers an Auto repair option to automatically fix any JSON-related issuesIf you're using Langify you can translate or edit JSON Met...
Hi @Gaiar,Your footer section is already right-to-left however your footer text is still left-aligned. You can easily change that so it will look like this in Arabic You can do so by adding  footer * { text-align: right !important; } to the code ...
Hi @Gaiar,You can accomplish this by adding the following code to e.g. your theme.liquid e.g. directly after the first <body> tag   {% if request.locale.iso_code == 'ar' %} <style> body { direction: rtl !important; ...
Hi @Welttisch,Michael from Langify here. If you're using Langify then you can simply use the Custom Content feature to translate your media. Here's a short guide on how to use Custom Contents in Langify:https://support.langify-app.com/support/solutio...
Hi @Manager2020 , Please try replacing  {% if request.locale.root_url == " en” %} with  {% if request.locale.iso_code == "en" %} and  {% if request.locale.root_url == "ar” %} with {% if request.locale.iso_code == "ar" %}  
Hi @CarmineT,Michael from Langify here. I've reset the access token so you should be access Langify again. Please let me know in case this issue persists nevertheless. You can remove the old Langify code (Langify v1) as described in the following gui...
Hi @JuliaMaikova,Please send us an email with the collaborator account request code and we'll check this for you asaphttps://apps.shopify.com/langify#adp-developer
You can ignore this error (Shopify Markets always set the correct hreflang tags automatically based on your Markets configuration) : 
Hi @Sergio-GVA,Shopify automatically adds the correct hreflang tags for you based on your Shopify Markets configuration. Here's Shopify's answer regarding this error: https://community.shopify.com/c/international-commerce/how-can-i-fix-the-no-self-re...
Hi @StephenKWChow,Michael from Langify here. I've added a solution to this issue here:https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-translate-adapt/color-swatch-in-multi-language-website-not-available/m-p/2527587#M2162 In short: the solution is to bulk-del...
Hi ,Michael from Langify here. Please try bulk-resetting your color translations and translating them in  Langify -> Custom -> Global Strict Mode instead.   To bulk-reset your color translations you'd just have to export your Product translations in ...
Not sure if this is the best way to do this but you could do it with a simple replace like this: Replace  {{ content_for_header }} inside your theme.liquid with (this is an example with hreflang tags from a different store):  {% comment %}{{ conte...
You can use Langify to add a Language Selector button to your header like:  First, please make sure to publish Langify as described in this guide:https://langify.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000124801 Here's a detailed guide on how to a...
Hi @CBehrend,Michael von Langify hier. Du kannst deine GemPages in Langify -> Static übersetzen. Wenn du dort nach "gp" suchst (kurz für GemPages), dann findest du alle deinen GemPages zugeordnete Übersetzungen:     
Hi @Ibpablo,Michael von Langify hier. Du kannst deine Startseite in Langify -> Theme -> Section übersetzen:   Du kannst die Inhalte dort auch filtern, um diese sofort angezeigt zu bekommen. Hier ist ein Beispiel: 
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