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Bio: Langify (#1 Shopify translation app) staff https://apps.shopify.com/langify

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Hi @Conny1 ,Der Fehler "Action required: 1 published language has not been assigned to a domain or market" erscheint neben einer Sprache in Langify, wenn diese keinem Market in Shopify zugewiesen wurde. Momentan gibt es aber einen Bug in langify, bei...
Hi @Cukrovinky,Michael from Langify here. Which translation app are you currently using? With Langify you can translate these text strings using the Custom feature in  Langify -> Custom -> Product Pages Here's a more detailed guide on how to use this...
Here's an example from a different Theme where it suffices to add  Shopify.routes.root + in front of the search query generating code inside the theme.js file. Before: this.getSearchQuery = () => {      return `/search/suggest.json?q=${this.searchInp...
Hi @Kjankko-US,Michael from langify here. If you're using Langify then you can quickly auto-translate your store Notifications in Langify -> Notifications. We're using DeepL Pro for the auto-translation feature which provides the best auto-translatio...
This sounds like there's still at least one unlocalized Ajax request. You can localize it as described in this technical guide: https://support.langify-app.com/support/solutions/articles/11000081440-my-ajax-cart-doesn-t-translate Alternatively just r...
Hi @Blanche79,Unfortunately, this issue can happen when Langify's access token is either invalid or outdated and needs to be reset (this issue affects only the old v1 version of Langify).Our support would have to reset your token from our end in such...
 Hi Sarah,Michael from langify here. Please try enabling the Automatic Link Correction feature in Langify -> Dashboard -> Theme Settings -> Advanced Settings   
Hi Andrei,please try adding the original content that is content in your base language (in my case English) to Shopify  so that the "Add to cart" text is entered there:  instead of just showing the placeholder like:  This should normally but not alwa...
Hi Dirk, you can also translate your homepage images in Langify without using the "Custom" feature in   Langify -> Theme -> Section   For example, if you want to translate an image called "banner.webp"  you'd just have to upload the translated image ...
Hi,you can remove the remaining Langify code as described in this guide:https://support.langify-app.com/support/solutions/articles/11000082053-uninstall-langify-v2 You'd just have to go to  Langify -> Dashboard -> Theme Settings  and click on "OPEN C...
I'd recommend using Langify alongside Translate & Adapt to translate your reviews. Langify has a feature called Custom Content which you can use to translate 3rd party app content:https://support.langify-app.com/support/solutions/articles/11000082059...
Hi,you can use the "Shopify Theme File Search by EZFY" Chrome extensionhttps://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/shopify-theme-file-search/mhchmhfecfdpaifljcfebnlaiaphfkmb to search for e.g. #login_pupop inside your Theme to find the line of code that...
Hi,Michael from Langify here. With Langify you can translate your Active Campaign form using Custom Contents in e,g. in Langify -> Custom -> Global Here's a short guide on how to use Custom Contents:https://support.langify-app.com/support/solutions/a...
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