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Thanks for your help, I will look into other offer types and possibly a developer to work on the specific offer I'd like.I was really banging my head against the wall so really appreciate your help. Zoe 
Ah I can see you got it to work for 5 purchases of the same card - is that the problem? Although I haven't been able (I have tried putting the same card in the bag) to get it work for 5 of the same item either.Basically will it never work across all ...
I'm trying to create a discount for buying 5 cards for £15 (.25p off each card) can't see what Imdoing wrong n the set up.Thanks very much for your help.
Thank you, but no I have no other offers running alongside it?
Hi, can anyone help?  I'm trying to set up a discount so that when people order five or more cards, they get 25p off each of the cards in their order.I've tried and tried but it doesn't seem to work.  Here's a shot of the setup.   Can anyone suggest ...
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