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where did you get that popup image? i need it toooo!
Hi,I would like to have a clickable popup metafield that will show an uploaded image. I am looking to add individual nutrition information for each product. Does somebody have the code for that? thx
hi, i would like to know if it is possible to change the contact form email from shopify code. unfortunately the email that is in setting>notifications located is use for contact form but also to send notifications and order messages to the customers...
Hi guys, I wonder if somebody could give me the code that must be added to create something like this. >
hi @scaleupprint thank you for reply. By rotating, I meant creating a slideshow on a single line to display each logo. Let s say like a braking news banner.So i need that each logo be on a lifted white card with a bit of shadow in a slideshow on a li...
Hi,As the title suggests, I would like to upload some logos in a multi-column layout and then make them levitate and rotate. If someone has the solution, I would be very thankful.The theme is Dawn. 
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