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Yeah I am getting them as well and it's very annoying.  Mine are all coming from Facebook and Instagram.  I but no soliciting on my website and on my fb and Instagram messaging reply. But they just ignore it and message anyway.  They even continue to...
Yes you have to change the cname and the A here is the instructions.  Then save changes might take 20 minutes to take affect On your domain provider’s website, log in to your account.Find the DNS settings or domain management area.Change the followin...
mine is fixed I had 2 domains pointing to my site in the DNS records. Once I deleted the one from GoDaddy it fixed the issue not sure if this helps you.
ok, thanks.
Mine looks exactly like yours trying to figure out why as well. It was fine when I was using a GoDaddy domain I have switched to a Shopify domain and now my site looks like this as well. It has been this way for almost 3 days now I'd like to get a an...
Sure, the domain is http://puzzleverse.shop it will be 48 hrs here shortly I will see if anything changes. Would the fact that the SSL has not been applied cause my site to look like this? I even attempted to apply a different theme but no change.  T...
I had bought a domain from GoDaddy and had it all set up correctly. But I decided to change the direction of my Shopify store. So, I bought a new domain from Shopify and made it my new domain and deleted the old domain. it works but my Shopify store ...
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