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I'd like to export orders to include photos so each order is on it's own page, basically to use as a packing slip. 
https://strawberrycreekcreations.com/products/rhinestone-rockets-text-1 Then click on "materials". It's showing like this for all products. I noticed when I update it on one product page, it pulls through to the others which is ok!
I did but it's still grouping it all together. Here's a photo...
I'm trying to make a new paragraph where I have the mark. I tried to "enter" in the section where I entered the text, but the system still pushes it all together. I'm assuming I need to add a break in the coding, but any tips on where to do that?  
Thank you for the reply! I tried that but it didn't work. Can you confirm that I did it correctly? Screenshots below...
Hi! I know its been a long time but this code worked perfect for me....so thanks! How do I make it centered on the page? it's left justified and I'd like it to be placed in the center. Thanks!
I'm wondering if I would be able to add a little ruler icon before my link to the size chart page? Just thought it would look nice visually. 
I added some products after I set up my shipping profile, and those items that were added later are marked as not able to ship. How do I mark them as able to ship? I've looked everywhere and am sure I'm just missing It. Thanks!
Correct, but I'd like to be able to upload my own color as opposed to picking a color from a hex chart. Is that possible? I tried doing this and it added the color as a rotation image on left which I don't want. I'm being picky, I know. Ha!
Basically I'd like the boxes to be the color of the shirt (I would upload the actual color of the shirt) then the color name would pop up next to the word "color". Not sure if that makes sense. 
Thanks, I did notice it changed on the "main image" but I wasn't a fan of how it looked. Might have to download an app after all and pay for the look I want. 
Am I able to add an actual color swatch image to my products in the Dawn theme without downloading and paying for that feature in an app? I love the way my page looks now but just would like an actual shirt color bubble too. 
Worked! Thank you for saving me more hours of headaches!
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