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that works, thankyou. I have one more favor to ask if possible. Some variants (in my case sizes) are eligible for faster shipping so I would like to indicate that with a colored dot/symbol in the corner of the variant like this: I hope this would be ...
would it be possible for the variant boxes to have one static size like this:Because mine vary per size now and i tink that looks a bit chaotic:
Hey guys for my company i have some variants that i can ship quicker and for those variants i would like to add like a dot in the corner to indicate this. Is there an app for this or does this require some hard coding? See picture below for what exac...
i cannot see the image, but thankyou for the code I'll give it a try and let you know!
Currently this is how my variants are displayed but I do not like these rounded boxes, i would like it look more rectangular like this:
ofcourse! Here it is:
I'm also having this issue but with debutify theme. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out as well. Similarly I'm also having a critical issue which is called: Missing field "name" but I also don't understand how I can properly fix thi...
Hello! Im having the same issue, however I cannot find this exact template. Which out of these (see picture) are you referring to? Thanks! 
Having the same issue, right now. Found any solution? 
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