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Hello, My client's Shopify store is not accurately showing the number of sessions or visitors. See screenshot attached. When comparing the session/visitor data from Shopify with the user/session data from GA, there is a stark contrast. I tried updati...
Hello, My client's site is down, and I am looking to confirm if this is the root cause. I am thinking it's likely due to a deprecated API used by a custom app, flagged by Shopify's admin alerts. quick advice on updatin...
Hello! I want to change the background color of the button on this image-with-text section but it seems like there is conflicting styling that is causing the button background color to be more opaque than intended. How can I fix that? https://tr-heal... MoonRooster711! MoonRooster711!
Hello, I want to remove the bottom border (white line) on the nav menu that separates it from the hero banner. Can you please help? 
I was hired to fix some broken link issues for a client who previously hired another 3rd party dev agency to custom code a theme. Unfortunately, the code is very complex which makes simple navigation changes much more difficult. Does anyone have any ...
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