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He is the best!!! Hire him thanks for the support
Yes, i did. unfortunately there is no option to do that directly. Can you help with the code? please
I am trying to add the "Add To Cart" button on search results page (image bellow) for customers to be able to purchase my items faster. The button already exist on the other pages of my website.   I can't figure out how to do it. Can someone help? pl...
I am sorry. I have no idea how to do that 
Hi evereyone.  I am having problem with the images size on mobile slideshow. As you can see, it is normal on desktop view   but in mobile view this hapens  Is it possible to reduce the image size on mobile slideshow only?  Can somebody help? My websi...
Hi everyone. I'm using Refresh theme for my site I added this code under the line 82 ({{ money_price }}) at price.liquid ( <p class="parcelamento" style='font-size:16px'>ou 5x sem juros de <span style="font-size:20px; color: black;"><b...
it worked perfectly.   Congratulations, you are the best! Thank you very much
As you can see below, the background login section is using two colors, I want it all white. I don't have an option to change that login "section".  Is it possible to correct this? my website is thank you very much
Hi everyone, I just needed some design help,  In desktop use i want to use Search bar not a Search icon. I need it open all the time like this.  I am using Refresh theme, my site is All the Best, and thank you
Your are the best! It worked. Thank you very much
Hello, I have my site  I have 3 menus or sections in my footer that I want on the same line.I need them aligned and spaced equally   Thanks
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