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@OneCap , in styles.css file.
@OneCap , Please use below CSS. @media(max-width: 479px){ .product-block__title { margin-left: 7px; } } 
Hey @lightwork , Please add this CSS to the component-slideshow.css#shopify-section-template--21536113230134__c8432bbd-72a7-4418-b202-d97baf948c7f .slideshow__controls.slideshow__controls--top.slider-buttons.no-js-hidden { /* display: none !impor...
Hello @mfdnikhil , Please share your website url.  Thanks, Ritu
Hey @atm19 , Please add it into component-menu-drawer.cssdetails[open].menu-opening>.menu-drawer__submenu { z-index: 99 !important; } 
Hey @AZ2024 , Thanks for the url.  Please add this css in "component-card.css".card__information { display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: space-between; } .card-information { width: auto !important; } .price { margin...
Hello @atm19 , Please add this CSS in base.css file for overlap menu .  details[open].menu-opening>.menu-drawer__submenu { z-index: 99; }  Thanks, Ritu 
@eneskbm ,  Span is not which is closing there. remove that {% endunless  %}  Click this :  when this closing "</span>" after that put  {% endunless  %}  
@eneskbm , Before <span > add this code:  {% unless product.price contains 'Free' %} and after </span> add this code:  {% endunless %} Refer screenshot for more clerification   
Hey @eneskbm , Is there any file like product.liquid  , card-product.liquid, or main-product.liquid?Then go to that file and then search "product-thumbnail__price"
@DaivaHappy , Okay then for all just use this code. .slider-buttons { display: none; }
Hello @DaivaHappy , Please add this CSS in Base.css. .collection-list-wrapper .slider-buttons { display: none; } 
Hello @DaivaHappy , Could you please share website URL and password here?  Thanks, Ritu 
Hey @eneskbm ,  Please Find this class in your product file. "product-thumbnail__price" you will find some code like below. <span class="product-thumbnail__price price ">{{ product.price }}</span> Then just replace this with below code.{% unless prod...
Hey @AZ2024 , Please share the website URL here so i can check it further.  Thanks, Ritu  
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