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So i can make sub categories under the ones shown on mobil
Hello everyone. I have a question.How can i make my mobil menu have the subcategories like on pc version?We have Gecko theme, url  
I got it to work, by putting it all the way at the bottom of the script 
i Have tried that now too. the message stopped showing, but it's still H3
I doesn't seem to work, Have i input it wrong. This message popup. Attempting to close HtmlElement 'script' before HtmlElement 'head' was closed 
Hey Terence, Thank you very much  i have tried putting the code in. But how can i see if it worked like intented? Can you help me?
Hey, just one question more, on the front page i hasn't made them the same height, anyway to change that?
Hello everyone. So we recently did a seo score check on our site, and for some reasons there are no categories that have H1s. For some reason they are all set as H3s. so i'm trying to fix it, but can't find what i should do to change it.  i have gone...
Thank you very much, I have used so much time trying to fix it myself..  you met all my prayers on this topic, it worked like a charm
Hey everyone, i really need some help with a problem. i can not get my product card text the same size, so everything looks wonky, both on pc and mobile like the pictures. I would like to make it so everything was in line, and looked more tidy, while...
Thank you, that helped.Now even my mobil version shows full text. Thank you very much
Is there a way so it does the same, when people use their mobil? 
Thank you very much. That did exactly what i wanted.You were a big help
Hey, yeah I just updated the post because it was to little info.Petpower.dkI want it to show the full title on the product because many of our costumer's would find it easier 
Hey everyone, I'm trying to make it so it shows the full product title on my page.Url Thank you so much in advance for your help! 
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