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@TechChalice Wanted to give you my personal feedback: Overall I like the site and it has great content. Products look really nice. I know they are for the saleable. - Your logo looks out of place, the blue doesn't match the color scheme and the desig...
Made a lot of new enhancements: https://decorativegold.com/products/cute-gold-animal-miniatures - Added a notice bar to the header- Added badge support to products- Better spacing of product elements- Implemented a image based variant design- Added 3...
I would be happy to check your site out if you are happy to share it 
I appreciate everyones feedback so far! Changes implemented (more to do) from your feedback: - Changed all pricing to .99 - looks much better than random cents.- Changed the color of the Sale badge on both the category and product pages.- Created a F...
Many thanks for your feedback. Regarding 4 I already have these links in the footer. For 1 I already have something similar: Homepage: 
Thanks mate, I wish you well on your journey.Ah old looking  I need to work on that as it wasn't the goal. Perhaps it's a sign of my age as this is my design style. I tried to keep the site simple/clean/product focused. If you have any ideas to mode...
Thanks for your feedback. The site already has reviews implemented and fairly long descriptions
Hello everyone, Here is my store: https://decorativegold.com/ Any feedback big or small will be greatly appretiated. The focus of the store is gold home decor/related products. Until recently it was built on Prestashop but over the last 3 weeks I hav...
Hello everyone, I am using the desers app to import products from Aliexpress to Shopify. For SEO reasons I renamed images in Shopify. Since doing this some (strangly not all) are broken in desers. Some are using the new renamed images, others are usi...
As you can see below my store has a mix of all and comes across as very dropshipping vibe. 
Hello everyone, I am wondering which option is more of a professional choice when it comes to collection category images. 1) For example with a background/scene image:  2) Or a plain white background:  Or is it most important to pick one and stick wi...
Where did you add the CSS? The CSS isn't showing on mobile but the same CSS does center the title
Try using the following: .title-wrapper-with-link { justify-content: center !important; }
Using the following CSS should fix your issue: .title-wrapper-with-link { justify-content: center; }
Would need a link to your store
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