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Thanks, this works but it are dots wich is almost de same. Do you have any other design?
Hi! I want to change this design of the sweep things into another more user friendly (like arrows)Turn this: Into arrows on the sides. Or other design
This works! thank you very much
Hello, I want this section of my website: Look like this (a button with background colour)Can you help me with css ¿?
Hi! How to set a minimum quantity on a single product?I have the Honey theme, is this posible without using an app?
Hello! Thank you very much. It is working but i need to take out the horizontal bar. is this posible?
Hi community!  Im looking for a css code for the header (navigation) for increase and make bold the words in the menú. Any thoughts¿?
Hey guys! i need your help How can i make this section in mobile a slider / carrousel instead of stacked? I have the honey theme and this block is named "Logo Banner" Is there any CSS ¿? 
This worked! Thank you very much
Hello! i have the honey theme. And i want to change the coulour of the background of only one page "tamborines" the template is page.tamborines and the url is pages/mezcal-con-sabor-tamborinesThe colour i want for the background is #EBDE97How can i m...
Hello! i have this block on my honey theme "Featured Collection" and i want it to show as carousel in mobil instead of stack (the default way) is this posible?? 
Hey guys i have the HONEY theme and i want to make the block "featured collection" a carrousel for mobil. Instead of this Do you think is posible?
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