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Thanks, that worked!
Hi, In my search bar I get overlapping words. How can I fix that in the editor?my website:www.olympus-training.shop template:https://www.templatemonster.com/shopify-themes/body-builder-sport-nutrition-shopify-theme-69649.html  
Awesome, that solved it. Thank you very much!
Thank you very much! The header works like that, except that the announcement bar is now behind it 
Thanks, it almost solves it, but when I klick the burger menue, then it messes isn't on top of everything and after I close the burger menu the header doesn't follow anymore.
Hi, What can I add in the code to make my header follow when scrolling down on mobile? I'm using this templatemonster theme:Body Builder - Sport Nutrition Shopify Theme (templatemonster.com) My Shopify website:https://www.olympus-training.shop
There's no options to do that in the theme. Where and how can I fix it in the code?
Hi,  My "sort by" mobile overlay is cut off on the top. Can you help me fix that? It should either be completely fixated and always show the full overlay (no scrolling) or completely get rid of the mobile overlay and instead just show a drop down men...
This overlay filter menu really starts to annoy me. Is there a way to completely remove it on mobile?
Ok, the height is shorter now. But the "sliding" effect is still messy. And the currency in the price range needs to be fixed (currency overlapping with the customers input). I would attach a video record of the mobile screen, but can't do it here.  ...
Doesn't work. Maybe I have to remove the sliding sidebar first?
Thanks for the reply, but I can't use that. Then the language switcher moves behind other parts of the website. I'd prefer to have a filter sidebar with a shorter and fixed height, as there isn't much in it anyway.
Hi, My "filter and sort" sidebar filter on MOBILE is totally messed up. Can you help me fix that? Screens are from a iPhone 15 pro max. I'm using this templatemonster theme:Body Builder - Sport Nutrition Shopify Theme (templatemonster.com)  www.olymp...
Ah found it there, you are right. Thanks 
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