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so you want a pre-order function, not only change the button color? because not only the button UI need to change, but also the ship and deliver time need to change?
there is a bug so it will shows every page if you are a developer, you can set it only show once like by cookie to storeif you are a shop owner, you may check or change the cookie window App 
which page do your client want to go, the payment url,or the shopping cart?
In my view, if you DISCONNECT the KOMOJU payment in your shopify store, then you want to refund one order,  now the shopify store is disconnected with the payment, so you can't refund successfully, because the refund info can not send to KOMOJU succe...
and also we can usually use ERP to assign orders by number, 1000 pcs we assign to A manufacturing location, over 1000 pcs we assign to B manufacturing location, like the Procurement strategy. Because even you have different sku IDs, the order system ...
hey, maybe this is a method, except you have other requirements  
is this the view you want? I choose one theme and set maybe you can exit your shop and try again
you mean the logistic of aliexpress is too slow? maybe you can use commercial express like UPS DHL etc.
maybe you should communicate with the SHOPIFY'S service for deep reason or start another shop
 which shopify theme do you used? It looks related with your theme
you mean after clicked the logo on the checkout page, and want to jump to which page?
700visitor, then how many add to cart? How many begin checkout? Maybe we should have a look the conversion rate. After visit your website, my opinion is that maybe the user experience is not good, item no attractive, annoying pop-up, not enough safet...
do not understand what your mean
a.where do you want to place the date and time on homepage?b.what’s the purpose you want to place? If flash sale activity? Maybe there is a time clock countdown widgetc.can you show the store who have it?
你好,按我的理解1、部分退款成功了,已经退了一部分,还有一部分需要继续退,可充值后再进行退款。2、是的,钱够即可成功退款3、因为商品已经退了,只是退款的钱不够而已 钱进和钱出,paypal都要收取手续费,所以会造成这个问题。
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