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Hi there, I'm trying to reduce the size of the video i have on my desktop version - it's way too big  thanks in advance or any help! https://www.tryy.co.ukpassword - help many thanks!
lovely - thank you. and thanks for showing me some text hadnt been embedded.
 Hi - thanks for getting back to me. The code has moved the button to the button of the screen, however it has interfered with the size of the banner image. Before the code:   After the code: Is there a way to keep the size of the banner image intact...
Thanks for the code!  Is there any way I can reduce the size of both the image with text and custom liquid to say 70% of what it is now?  Thank you so much for all your help so far - i have accepted solutions and liked. Joe  
Hi there, Trying to move the image banner button down, but the adjustable code i have right now has reached its limit (anything over 450px has no effect on the placement).  This is the code im working with: <style>.banner__box {margin-top: 900px; }</...
Hi - the code has seemed to interact with the mobile display -   how do i make it not effect the mobile - many thanks
Wow page looks great thanks a lot! - i hate to be picky but can the image with text be made a bit smaller? I've tried adjusting the percentage of the width but it didn't change. Many thanks
Hi there, I need some help moving some sections around on my home screen. This is what it looks like currently:  and this is what id like it to look like:  This means bringing the image with text (title, body and button) & the video up the screen, an...
apologies for not adding a url. https://www.tryy.co.uk password - help many thanks
HI there, I need help moving the email sign up form up the page *just for desktop*.  This is what the page looks like currently:  This is what id like it to look like: Many thanks, Joe 
Hi there, I am trying to optimise my website for desktop by hiding the sections i currently have for mobile, and creating new sections for desktop.  I am managing to get somewhere - but when I try to hide the desktop custom liquid section, it interfe...
Once I have this information I can accept your solution. please advise me on where to insert the code. thanks 
could you tell me where to put it
Hi  I'm trying to hide this custom liquid video from desktop.  <style>video {width: 100%;height: auto;display: block;margin: 0 auto;}}</style><video muted autoplay playsinline loop><source src="https://cdn.shopify.com/videos/c/o/v/16e233154a5c48fa910...
  this is what the code returnedthanks
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