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Sorry, pw is
Sorry, pw is
Hello,  I've removed the cart and search icon on my header (as the site is non-transactional). However, I'd like the space where they used to sit to also be removed so the menu can extend properly to the right hand side, in their place. how can I do ...
I've got a custom section for a video autoplay banner on Dawn theme. I cannot figure out how to make the text sit to the left. I'm also having an issue with the Overlay not working. Any help appreciated. This is what it currently looks like: This is ...
What would be the code to do the same in the header please? I have my logo top left and want to add an image next to it before the menu starts. Thanks!
Having the same issue, has anyone solved this? Thank you!
Great, thank you. How can I add rounded corners to the tables?
Hello, I used this code to success making the last menu item on desktop, but on mobile, it makes ALL the last menu items of each parent a button. I only want the button to be applied to ONE specific menu item. Can I identify it to add a button by the...
Great, thank you!Currently, it's not mobile responsive, can you help with that? Also how can I make it have curved edges? Thanks 
I'm looking to add a simple customisable table, I've screenshotted the idea below. I want to add it as a section so I can add/remove to pages where needed. Please advise.  
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