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@congha2403 I actually ended up with the same result. What are you using now as a payment provider? As when I tried Stripe they didn't let me use them either.
The Shopify representative from this thread didn't poke for updates or if he did, he didn't reach out to me. But separately from that yes the merchant team did end up responding to me. If you give me any way to text you privately I can give you some ...
Hi @congha2403  Seems like we share the same story. @Mac There is obviously something going wrong here. We are already 3 people who spoke out after getting their stores shut down, out of nowhere. And kept them shut for 3+ weeks. What about all of the...
Hi @Mac ,Yes, here is the ticket number: 45291420
Lol. @fundeermx How did you overcome that obstacle?I am not sure what to do now.@Mac Is this how the team is "working" on my case. I know a few more stories like this one where this dedicated team is just not doing anything at all.
Hi Mac, I have received that I am suspended based on a violation of Section 7 of the Shopify Acceptable Use PolicyI have done everything I know about data privacy and haven't shared personal data. Only information necessary to make a shipment from my...
My account has been in review for almost 3 weeks now. I don't have access at all to the store. It is in "review" by the Shopify Merchant Trust Team. I contacted support 6-7 times and they keep telling me how someone will handle it as soon as possible...
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