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Hi everyone, I am also facing a similar issue with the inventory management. I am sourcing Product A1, Product A2, Product A3 from three different vendors. All products look the same. Still I have gone ahead and created 4 product pages each for A1, A...
How can I repeat this for other collection lists on some other pages on the website?
For this collection list display, In the mobile view, there are only 2 columns. How can I customise to view 3 columns? 
The URL is freshroute.inThe Store Password is
 I am seeing it in vertical. It needs to be displayed horizontally. Kindly help me where I need to make changes. Thanks
Hi Made4uo, The square tile is still visible. How do I get rid of that? Also, how to make it circular only at a specific place, for example, with the code that you shared, all collection lists will become circular. How can we make it circular only fo...
Hi Blair, Thanks for your answer to the question posted by Santasoleia. I need your help on the same. I did the same thing, but I didn't get an option to select any product. Here's what I did:On the Homepage: Add Section->Featured Product  I am getti...
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