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I use a PO address as business address but when I'll have return, I need them to be shipped at my home address since it's where I actually store the articles. I don't want the world to know my personal address, you never know. Any suggestion? 
Do you have suggestion in the UK? 
Have you figured out this? I'm also looking for a return option where my home address is not shown.
Hi all, the same happened to me. Just submitted the documents they requested and waited patiently until they restored my shop. That happened literally 2 days after I posted this so I'm working like crazy now. Sorry for my late reply. 
I would accept your comment as the solution!  I was looking into alternatives as well... but have 0 references in my circle
From one day to another my shop was terminated. I just paid the subscription and started navigating on it filling out some general information. I just started only 1 item was uploaded. The following day it was shut. I've contacted the Support Chat wh...
How do you know it's your fault and what to do you mean when you say you want the domain? From what I read in your first comment we have the same situation.
I'm in this situation now.. for 1 month... I want to cry as I invested everything in this new business and need to trade for make my living! What was your problem at the end? I've been contacting them 1 per week but the support chat keeps telling me ...
haha I loved your answer and can't agree more! I was about to sell jewels. I started the trial one day and the following day it was "terminated". I've been waiting this whole month. The reason for me was section 7 of their policy but I barely started...
Hi Zenula, I'm in the same shitty situation and very furious about this. You don't have to apologize for anything. Shopify owns us apologies!!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR MORE THAN 1 MONTH! 1 WHOLE MONTH! I've been contacting support team which they just...
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