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We are now using the solution from Elevar as App. Works fine since one week. Consent Mode v2 is fully used there. Setup was very easy done 
Hi there!i need a DHL-Logo as same as the payment icons, for at least the same size in W3 Format. Can someone assist?BrFlorian
Hi there!i would like to add a line of shipping rate into the cart drawer. Can someone help? I dont want to use a app because it should be code.Shoul be like this:PriceShipping price (if price is under 299€ then 4,99€ and if more than 299€ free)Total...
Hi there!maybe someone found already a solution. I am struggeling arround with the web pixels and dedicated consents to each service like as example Google Analytics. With the older known setups everything works fine and the tags are firing as they s...
Hi!did you found a solution? Trying as well to find one..
Solved! I removed the code from buy-button.liquid and moved it to a custom liquid section in theme 
Hi there!how can i move the default location of local store pickup section like the following ?Note: I disabled it for now via code because it is not well placed by default    
Thanks in front of!URL:   
Hi there, how can i optimize LCP on my main page for collection catagories? Lighthouse is saying that there is some optimization potential. Maybe there is something more that can be optimized. Would be happy about some code     
Hi there!how can i move the pickup availability away to a custom liquid so that i wont be displayed directly under the buy button? I have to move it speratly under my payment option icons.1. Buy Button2. Payment Option Icons3. Rate Pay Option Icons4....
Found it in buy-buttons.liquid        
Hi there!i want to use the following added elements as text for the add to cart button based on tags/metafield values. It is not getting to work when i add a if clause to the card-product.liquid. Am i missing something here?    
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