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You did it!!!!! A million thank yous!!!
This made the dropdown height reduce with scroll, but I was hoping for the long column to be split into two side by side columns. Can this not be done?
Are you able to help me with the code on this discussion, please? 
It's working on the dropdowns that only have one level, but not working on the dropdowns that are showing multiple levels. There might be another line of code I can add in so it works on the subcategories?
Thank you, but the results are not as I hoped. Made the columns skinny but didn't break the long column into two separate shorter ones..Specifically focusing on the HIRE and SHOP columns.
Hi there, hope someone can help and thanks so much in advance. I am using Impulse theme.My menu dropdown columns are way too long, I would love to have them split into 2 columns. Can anyone please help me with some code, I have searched and searched ...
I have fiddled some more and have managed to get it working perfectly, adding separate rules for each div {% if page.handle == "princess-boutique" %}<style>.page-content {background: #ffc0cb !important;}.index-section {background: #ffc0cb !important;...
I changed the code a little:{% if page.handle == "princess-boutique" %}<style>.page-content {background: #ffc0cb !important;}</style>{% endif %}And I can see it's changed some of the containers to the correct background colour, but there's still blac...
Thank you so much, I have added the code to the theme.liquid file but it didn't make any change on the front end..?? Sorry to be a pain, I REALLY appreciate your help.
Thanks for replying  It's LSOHC
Hi there, hoping someone can please help. I have tried and tried to do it myself but just cannot figure it out! I would like the background of this page to be changed to colour ffc0cb - just this page only, the Disney Princess page, not the rest of t...
I figured it out! Add:.collection-item__title {display: none;}to the Custom CSS field on the Collection List Options Panel. Worked for me 
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