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Hi @tryliktas - Thank you for elaborating on the use case. This is achieveable but it will need a third-party shipping app like ours. It looks tough to be done through Shopify settings alone.
Hi @tryliktas - If you are open to trying 3rd party app we can offer the solution to this use case. You will be able to restrict store pickup for frozen items to specific zip codes. My question is what happens when a customer adds both frozen and non...
Hi @LBB67 - With the right solution in place are you open to ship from multiple locations or have you made your mind to revert to single w/h shipping?
Hi @dbcard - One approach can be to keep the product pricing same and charge customers for shipping based on zip code. This can be easily done through shipping rules in ShipperHQ app. You can opt for a free trial to explore further. Check here for de...
Hi @Fish1 - It is a unique requirement that cannot be handled in Shopify natively. You will need a 3rd party app. If you're open to trying, you may take a free trial of ShipperHQ from here.
Hi @AsimTahir1 - Through 3rd party apps you can accomplish this use case. ShipperHQ has robust shipping rules and you can hide shipping methods based on items in cart. If you're open to try, here is the link to take a free trial.
Hi @TopShelfCo - You will need to use a third party app that manage pre-order and backorders. They should be able to help you out.
Hi @SRG-ILS - This looks like a use case that can't be handled within Shopify. If you're open to trying a 3rd party app, at ShipperHQ we have solved hundreds of unique shipping challenges. You can take a free trial here.
Hi @Ola8 - If you are open to try a third party app, we can solve this problem for you. You can create shipping rules are will hide certain shipping options depending on the item in the cart. Here is the link you can use to take a free trial of our s...
Hi @HOB2024 - Have you checked the fulfillment priority you have set for shipping from multiple origins?
HI @Nathan60 - Do you want to have both options in the same order? Because Shopify doesn't allow mixed carts as of now.
Sure thing! To set safety stock in Shopify, you'll need to track inventory for your products. Here's how to go about it:Go to Products in your Shopify admin.Click the product you want to track.In the Inventory section, check Track quantity.Enter your...
Hi @toadnwillow - If you are open to exploring 3rd party apps, we have the capability to consider dim weights and actual weight to get the accurate shipping cost of checkout. This will also work in case there are multiple products in the cart. You ca...
Hi @CherAmiDecor - We have similar customers who have the same use case as yours. With ShipperHQ you can charge different shipping costs based on region. You can add a surcharge to specific products too. Take a free trial if you'd like to test it out...
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