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If you used Canva or something similar to create the banner, I would suggest downloading the image in SVG format and trying again. Usually SVG format images don't have this isssue
Personally, I don't like messing around with Structured Data. I used to use an app called JSON-LD -- took care of everything for me.
You can do this using HTML built-in details and summary tag. That's the code -
Few things: Your products are expensive, People need to know they can trust you. To start you can add trust badges like free shipping, secure checkout etc.Add a phone-number in your header. This helps build trust as wellBetter product descriptions. T...
There's only one way to change Meta Description on Shopify: Go to your admin dashboardClick on Products -> Collections -> Your Collection PageScroll down to Search Engine Listing and click edit.Change the SEO description (thats the meta description).
I don't think trailing slash makes a difference SEO wise. But if the url structure is completely different, I highly suggest you signup to Google Search Console or use Google's Change of Address tool.
Can I ask you if you can make a loom video explaining the issue with bit more details if its not too much trouble?
Try adding this  @media (max-width: 798px) { .rich-text__heading { left: auto !important; width: auto !important; } .rich-text__text { left: auto !important; width: auto !important; } }   
SEO is a vast subject. I would suggest you search for "Kyle Roof - Avalanche Technique " on youtube. Its a great starting point.
Maybe try calendly-- they have a free plan. You can embed their booking link into your store.
I might be wrong but I think empty space is for the logo of all your payment providers. Maybe your theme has a option to disable it? If I were you, I would search for a way to disable payment icons in the footer to strart.
Hi Froz,  Couple of ways to go about this: First one:1. You can create a free account on Google Search Console - Once you are all signed up, Click on removals on the left hand side menu and enter your colle...
Out of curiosity, what are margins like? 
I have some piece of code that needs to run ones when the merchant installs the app. After doing some research I found that afterAuth Hook in shopify.server.js file might be the right place. But that doesn't work for my case as It doesn't give you ac...
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