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This helps a lot, just 1 thing, is there any similar method to remove the bottom/top patting for the 2nd rich text ("some numbers...") ? 
Is there any way to make it scroll down smoothly? Also, I would like it to scroll to the start of the first rich text section ("Water Quality Significantly Impacts Your Skin")
I have a button on my page that I am trying to use as a smooth scroll to a rich text div. I will attach the image of the button section and the div section that I want it to scroll down to.  The theme is Sense and the website is
I used the theme Sense, and I utilized rich text to tie into my next section, as shown in the image below. The problem is that there are now many borders (padding) between the sections, and I would like to remove them. Is there any way I can do so? M...
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