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I've set up my integrated printful store with my first 3 prints to launch. I would like them to be hidden until I've received my test products. The prints have their own menu tab, and I would like it to stay with the "coming soon' message. Printful a...
Hello!How do I change my website so that when I share a link, like text it to a friend, a little preview box will display instead of just text? I apologize for not having the language for this lol. Thanks!
AMAZING! It worked! Thank you SO much!
Thank you! Do it cut and paste it on line 4 like you have on the screenshot? I don't want to mess it up 
Hello!On my desktop, using the theme 'studio', I have a slideshow at the top. On 2 of the rotations I have Text boxes and they have a white background on the desktop site- which is great because I can read the font. But when I go mobile, there is no ...
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