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This is what I've added and after inspecting the elements on Chrome I would think this should work, but after previewing the website it doesn't... 
Hi Ashbeel111, thanks for your reply and this is the way to go. When I inspect the elements in Chrome it shows code below for the buy button and brass color swatch. Should I make the changes here and add this to the theme file? <button type="submit" ...
Hi Techlyser, thanks for your help and quick response! I've added the code to the theme.liquid file above </body> but it's not doing anything unfortunately. 
Off course 
Hi there!I'm having trouble changing the outline of the color swatches. One is black so it falls 'away' to the black background. Same goes for the buy button. I've tried adding several pieces of code to resolve this, but they did not work unfortunate...
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