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Hi Gina. Do you mind if I seek further information on this? If I want to edit/remove the schema of one of my product pages, where do I find it? I can view my product page schema (ctrl + U), but I am unable to locate it in my Shopify files.I'm using D...
Hi, can I seek help from you regarding product schemas? I can see my product schemas in the source code (ctrl + U). But I am unable to locate them in the Shopify code editor dashboard. They are literally nowhere. I am unable to edit them. Any help wo...
hi there, can you please help me with locating the file that contains JSON LD schemas for my website? i see my website has multiple schemas (for the same type, such as "Organization", "product schemas", etc). I want to remove the duplicate schema sni...
Hi @Niki_K appreciate your insights. Can you however add ratings and reviews schema in the code above? It seems to be missing them.
I don't have the file (product.liquid). Instead, I have main-product.liquid under "Sections". 
I got the exact same issue. Did you find a solution to that? 
I wanna add product schema for every product page on my Shopify store. As I can see on the source code pages of my products, there's already some schema code in there. The question remains, what file in the code editor dashboard do I paste the schema...
There are a bunch of options inside the Shopify code editor dashboard:Layouts, templates, sections, snippets, etc. Do I need to create a new file with a certain name and paste individual product snippets there?
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