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Hello, Is there an application on the shopify app store that allows me to have reviews and translate them according to the language spoken by the customer who visits my site? Thank you very much.
Hello, I have a rather technical question. I added a product on my shopify store, the problem is that this product contains a 3pcs variant in the colors. It's a CJdropshipping offer, it allows you to pay 10$ less when you buy 3 at once instead of sep...
Hello,is it possible to make it so that when the customer presses on the number of reviews on a product, he is redirected further down the page, to the place where there are reviews?Thank you
I've just found the solution, in fact I had to uncheck the "sticky add-to-cart bar" parameter.  Thanks all the same and have a nice day! 
Hello, when I go to the catalog of my site and I select the product for which I made a bundle with kaching on the home page a kind of notification falls to show the bundle but on phone it's buggy and it displays badly. How can I disable this option? ...
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