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Hi Lana,Thanks for the reply! Just to clarify. If I do NOT use the double opt in, then new profiles / customers do not get an 'extra' email asking them to subscribe to our emails. So by this they are automatically NOT scubribed for the emails, right?...
Best,I have currently added 4 out of 5 staff members to my shopify store. I currently have 1 Collaborator linked to my shop. I get the message that every new Collaborator needs a code from now on. Normally this screen should say 'generate new code' b...
@DigiDecoded right now im just looking in the customize theme feature to hide it like i did with the announcement bar that was at the top of my page. But i cant find anything in there. i’m using Klaviyo as a email application. i did not build the sit...
@suyash1 Is there another option to remove this? I know the site builder did not use coding for this.. 
@suyash1 Tried it already… even quit safari entirely 
Getting this error message when trying to save "Online Store editor session can't be published"
I would also like to get rid of the popup that follows by clicking 'claim your 20% off'. 
Hi Suyash, Here is the link to my page:
Hi, On my landing page, I have a small popup on the bottom left that comes up when I hover my cursor over it (and which I can also click away) that takes me to a discount page on my website. I would like to make this mini popup / overlay invisible fo...
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