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I have the following problem. In my website's background image, the model wearing my clothes is visible on the left side of the image. The issue now is that PC/tablet users can see everything, but the person is almost not visible on mobile phones. I'...
Never mind I fixed the problem. I just edited your code and changed max-width:990px to 750 px. Thanks alot
It is kinda working. With a screen width of 750px to 990px the icons now just disappear. But with the screen size of 481px and 749px its working now. But how do I fix the other problem now? 
The one which is marked with "mobile footer"
I have the following problem with my website. At a screen width between 481px and 749px, both the payment icons and the social media icons are displayed twice. I believe I have identified the problem in the code, but unfortunately, I don't know how t...
Yes I already know it. And I know which part of the code is doing that but somehow I couldnt fix that yet to be honest.
I can't find the folder or the file in my code. I've already checked all header files, but I couldn't find 'mobile-nav__social' anywhere
I haven't made any changes to my website, so the issue persists. I don't think you read or understood my problem correctly. The TikTok icon is always present in the footer, and everything works there as I described earlier. The problem arises in the ...
Thanks for the answer @deepaksharma but where exactly do I have to put the code? In the header.liquid or theme.liquid or somewhere else?
Hello,somehow my Theme I can display all the socials in the footer if I go to my Theme > customize > Theme settings. As shown in the Screenshot here: If I go the the mobile version of my website same goes for the footer here. Every social is listed c...
But if the item is sold out. How do i unable the hover animation?
Well never mind it's working. I just found out at the first line of youre code the dot on payment-buttons was missing. Thank you very much
Hi Richard, first of all thanks for the answer. But the button still doesnt change. It is still looking as shown in the screenshot The hover funktion is working, but instead of making the button bigger I want to slightly change the color.
I got the following problem. Generally you change the button color and font through the theme settings and this works for legit every button but sadly not for the button I want to change somehow. The Button should be black with white font and if you ...
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