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Try to config your colors here. Feel free to send a DM to me if you need any further assistance.
Hey @Mirror_of_Exist Have you tried this  you mentioned in your post. Is it not work?
Hey @veganjoyjar  Pls refer this , this absolutely works well on all free themes 
Hey @PoshActive  I think you choose a wrong template for your pages.Pls follow below steps1. Login to the shopify admin2. Navigate to the OnlineStore --> pages3. Choose one page and go into the page detail, you will find a template select box, try to...
Hey @KimGottwald Pls following below steps:1. Find the two buttons in your theme code editor. I am not sure where, remove the code I marked up 2. Go to the theme editor. Choose the product template you are using3. Select the image slide section4. Add...
Hey @RoncoIndustries There are lots of SEO APPS that can help you.if you have a basic understanding how to coding, you can do this yourself refer to How To Add Structured Data to Shopify for Google Merchant Center 
It's glad to hear that. You are welcome.
ok, I see.  Your product metafield is a list. So you need add a for tag like this {%- for productcare in product.metafields.custom.productcare.value -%} {{ productcare.product_care_img.value | image_url: width: 100 | image_t...
Can you share the metaobject definition in shopify admin?May be you should add if condition to make sure the product_care_img  have a value. {%- if product.metafields.custom.productcare.value.product_care_img.value -%} {{ product.metafields.custom....
HeyThis one should work. Pls have a try {{ product.metafields.custom.productcare.value.product_care_img.value | image_url: width: 200 | image_tag }}
Hi, Which way you are using? custom code or public app
@tamara-ml Not all development store can access checkout features.You can try create a develop store with below Developer Preview. 
Hi , @Steve_Stoke Can you share your store URL? And  some screenshots where have sku in the DevTools
Hi @JP365 Can you share your store URL and password if you have? So I can have a simple check on your store
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