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I'd like to update my footer alignment on mobile only. I'd like the blocks to be stacked on top of one another rather than in columns, in this order: Newsletter sign upHelp menuAbout menuSocial icons. The screenshot shows the current menu placement  ...
We are transferring our domain to Shopify from a third party provider. the original provider is asking us for an "IPS tag" for Shopify in order to complete the domain transfer. I asked Shopify support who didn't seem to know what it was, can anybody ...
ok done - i still can't see the icons anywhere though
Thank you. I've added the code but the icons aren't appearing and the style code is shown on the live site.Any idea what I've done wrong?
Thank you for your response.Where in the header liquid do i add the code - at the end?Also where do i add the style social media icons code, in the same header liquid or somewhere else?Thanks
I would like to add social media icons to my header, left alined (next to the search). I am using th DAWN theme. please can anyone help?
Hi Wmiz Thanks so much for this code. It works great on my menu, The only issue is- I have some collapsible tabs in my product descriptions, and these now open on hover (not click). They disappear when you hover away so I only want the hover to be ap...
I'm trying to add a collection filter to my homepage, like the website below. I'd like the products to change based on whichever collection is selected. please can anyone help? 
I have a video on my homepage and there's white space underneath which I'm trying to remove. how can i get rid of this?  
Hi Harshita, I'm trying to add the social icons but to the left hand side of the header (opposite side to the cart). I've added the above code and tried to adjust padding but not sure how to get it to show on the left of the page?Thanks!
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