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This is INSANE! They’ve just now contacted me for verification. We will see if it goes anywhere.
Yes! This is my latest ticket number. Thank you46036013
Hi!  It's been almost a week already.  I just can't understand why something as simple as changing a bank account has turned into this. 
Hi! It’s been a few days with no change.
A little over a week ago I decided to try Shopify Balance because the payouts were supposedly faster.  When I saw my payouts were pending for just as long as with my regular bank, I decided to switch back.  When I tried to input my banking info I got...
Thank you!  I'm at almost a week.  It's crazy that this takes so long. 
Hi!  Did you ever get this fixed?  I'm having this issue now.  There is no way I had a typo because I had copied and pasted the account info in from Shopify Balance.  They keep "escalating" the tickets but it's been almost a week of nothing from them...
I'm having a similar issue.  I made the mistake of trying out Shopify Balance.  When I didn't like it and tried to switch back it's telling me old account number doesn't match. Which is totally untrue because I've copied and pasted the numbers in fro...
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