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This is really helpful. Thanks, Deepaksharma. How would I go about updating the code to fix this issue? It looks like the change you made was in the inspector tool.
Interesting. I checked on other iPhones and it's appearing in italics as well. I cleared my browser cache and it continues to appear that way (I also have the latest iOS). I wonder what's causing the inconsistency. Do you think updating to a newer th...
Here is the link to the site:
On mobile, all the text is italicized and not in the correct color (the whole site uses #231F20 for the text color). If I size down the browser window to activate mobile view on desktop, everything appears fine; just on any mobile device it doesn't d...
Update 2:I fixed it. For anyone else with this issue, find the chunk of code below in your base.css location, then set the opacity to 1.details[open]>.search-modal {opacity: 0;animation: animateMenuOpen var(--duration-default) ease;}
Update: The search bar functionality still works, but it's invisible.
I click the magnifying glass icon and the search bar appears for a split second, then disappears. Once that happens, the whole site freezes; I'm unable to click on anything or even scroll. Please help.
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