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Thank you thank you!Now facing another shipping challenge: one of the variations we offer is large: 129cm x 99cm x 10cm, 17.8Kg, volumetric weight : 25.54Kg which seems to be too large/heavy to have a shipping price "Shipping not available for select...
Perfect, thanks Mirdas, What about possible penalties imposed by carriers for stating the wrong dimensions (One Default Packaging Dimensions) on their shipping labels or is this automatically made up for by the input of the correct volumetric weight ...
I truly appreciate the clear and prompt responses and support, Mirdas, It is somewhat puzzling that although dimensions vary greatly, they have less effect than weight on shipping, to be sure, here they are: TYPELENGTH CmWIDTH CmHEIGHT CmWEIGHT KgVOL...
Many thanks for your response Mirdas, much appreciated. In case I wasn't clear, I only offer 5 different physical packages.  If I select the largest size we offer as the default package size with 0 Kg weight, would the system then use the unique weig...
Good day, question regarding shipping and default packaging,  I simply five different sizes of one product type in two color variants all of which are prepackaged and need no extra packaging for shipping,  Each of the five prepackaged offers has diff...
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