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"Hey everyone,I've been using an app to display sales proof on my store, which is great, but I'm running into an issue with the sales popup showing old sales from up to two weeks ago. This can be demotivating for customers as it makes recent sales se...
Thank You so much for your help. You are a magician.
Thank you for reaching out.1. I added the theme to my Shopify store and it came with it.2. The feature has been working fine with all the other users of theme. I even contacted my friends using the same theme. It’s just on my store it is not working....
Hello @prakashVt ,Thank You so much for your attention and support. Can we continue this further discussion on WhatsApp or Email with your consent.
The "Total Savings" displayed on both the cart drawer and cart page is consistently showing as 0, including the discounted sale prices (strike-through sales prices) and the value of the free gift.
I've set up a special offer where customers receive a free gift (an Exfoliating Shower Glove) with the purchase of a specific product. However, the subtotal incorrectly includes the price of the free gift, which shouldn't be the case.   
In the cart drawer and cart page, I've noticed that although products correctly display strike-through sale prices, the subtotal calculation doesn't reflect these discounts. It's showing the same price as the sale price, which is confusing for custom...
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