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Well, If me and this problem are gonna meet again, then I'm gonna ask again for a solution. For now this works 
Fixed it by putting  .slideshow {  margin-bottom: -5px;} on the slideshow. Don't know if it is a good solution, but it works.
No, there still is a line. It is on mobile only. On desktop, it doesn't show.
Hello! I would like to remove the separator line that is under the slideshow. (Above the ''Featured Collection'') Could someone help me do this?  Website: vopers.compassword: yauffe 
Thanks! Worked.
Hello,  I am looking to display my product description headers in bold. But they are only showing bold in the backend and not on the actual website.  How can I fix this? Website: vopers.comPassword: yauffe Thanks for the help in advance.
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