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Hi Dev-Brad.It is not a link but a file that I put in there. I have tried to remove it and add it again, but the problem still remains.I can't figure out which file to look at. I've tried every file that's named something with "cart" and can't find i...
Hello. Yesterday I discovered that the link on the danish site to Terms & Conditions from the cart page is broken.The link refers to<span class='notranslate> {{ link }}</span>  instead of
So it is triggered by Shopify's automatic discount and not discounted prices.If I put 2 pairs of these shoes it shows what is in the picture in my first post.
This item has a discount
Hi.Sorry, I forgot to add that, Website is www.rebelcopenhagen.dkThank you
Hi. Is'nt it supposed to say Total, Discount and Subtotal in the cart or is it just Subtotal?Yesterday all three lines were missing then I found the empty field in translations and now the Subtotal is there, but I can't find the Total and Discount fi...
Hi.Thank you, but in what file do I put this code?
Hi.It is dynamic sourced (meaning I pressed the Add dynamic source in the text field)
Hi. I have created metafields for origin of production and for the material of the product.In the theme I have create a text section where I have written Produced in: [Metafield attribute] and it is all good when I write the country in the products m...
Hi. How do I change the line space above and below the Tab section?I can't find any margin/padding setting in the theme and am unsure what code to look in. The theme is KallesThe link is (code is...
Thank you so much! It worked Do you know what code to write if I want the text and price below the image and the entire section centered?
Hi Dan.Sorry for the late reply.The product url is (The shop is not open yet, but the login code is copenhagenrebel)Thank you
Hi. How do I get the images from the complimentary "Pairs well with" to align next to each other instead of on top of each other?The theme is Kalles version 4.3.1 Thank you 
Hello.May I ask in which file you added the code, as I am having the same challenge, thank you 
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