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Bio: Welcome to ArrayNex. We specialize in creating outstanding e-commerce store creation. Proficient in Shopify and web development with expert guidance a...

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Hi there, I developed a comparison table by which you can compare 2 products or store features easily. You don't need any app. You can add the section in Six minutes only.  Just copy the code and paste it. The design was inspired from the popular Sho...
Hello @jacqueee, It's ArrayNex support team and glad to support you today. I checked your website and found that the cause of this issue. Your Solution:You can follow these steps to achieve your resultGo to online store->Edit code->dev_style.css  fil...
Can you share the theme name ?Can you share the store link  ?  Or if you have any privacy issue to share the store link, you can share it in private message. 
Which theme you are using, can you share you store link. Or DM me ?
Hello @OLIV1, It's ArrayNex support team and glad to support you today. I checked your website and found that the cause of this issue is due to this code. It fixed the height of the flickity-viewport with the specific height: I would like to give you...
You can try to following code, by which you will get the breadcrumb like this:  Home/ product name   <ol class="breadcrumbs-list"><li class="breadcrumbs-item"><a class="breadcrumbs-link" href="{{ shop.url }}">Home</a></li><li class="breadcrumbs-item"...
Hi, I create solution for your store. You can try this code.If you found this solution helpful gives a thumbs and accept it as a solution.  a.product-item-meta__title { min-height: 3.938rem; }Check how it, the buttons are aligned now after t...
To apply different shipping rates for specific postcodes in Shopify, you can follow these steps:Enable Manual Shipping Rates:Log in to your Shopify admin.Navigate to "Settings" and then click on "Shipping."In the "Shipping" page, find the "Shipping r...
can you explain your problem in details?
Hey, You can added this updated code by following these steps1. Go to Online Store -> Theme -> Edit code.2. Open your theme.liquid file3. Paste the below code before </body> on theme.liquid<style>   .collection .color-swatch label.color-swatch {     ...
This is not your problem. You can fix the button alignment by shortening the length of your product title. Or by increasing the length of other products. Hopefully it will be fixed.
Hi @Dekanten  I am very happy to hear that my support helped you.  One thing I saw in your website, that's breadcrumbs are missing. You can try my breadcrumbs code solution in BuyMeACoffee page.  If you have any more question feel free to ask. 
Yup you can change the height of the announcement bar, Which theme you are using , and also could you please share here store link. So i can share the css code for that. Thanks.
Can you send your store link, Here what you mean by product size on the collection page , could you please explain. I will try to help you.
Hi @Dekanten  I checked your website.  Nice perfumes are there I crate a solution for you, you can add the following css code in your website to round edge the input fields. If you find the solution helpful, gives a thumbs up  .field:hover.field:af...
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